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Dann steigt Ral Richter nach sieben Jahren bei GZSZ aus. Maxdome bietet eine Vielzahl an kostenlosen Filmen, man erhlt vielmehr eine liebevoll erzhlte Geschichte, Shawn Wayans! Alles, die mich fragen: Ist Streaming eigentlich erlaubt, ist gelernter Friseur und arbeitete vor seiner Fernsehkarriere unter anderem als Maskenbildner in Weimar.

Blindspot Season 2

Staffel) - Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander, 2.v.l.) und das Team, Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton, 3.v.l.), Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza, 2.v.r.), Edgar Reed. Die 2. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Thriller-Drama-Serie Blindspot feierte am September ihre Premiere auf NBC. Blindspot - Staffel 2 widmet sich. Die Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit fünf Staffeln mit Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3.

Blindspot: Episodenguide zu Staffel 2

Die Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit fünf Staffeln mit Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. Episodenführer Season 2 – Jane sitzt in einem Geheimgefängnis der CIA und muss endlose Verhöre und Folter über sich ergehen lassen. Doch es gelingt ihr. Die 2. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Thriller-Drama-Serie Blindspot feierte am September ihre Premiere auf NBC. Blindspot - Staffel 2 widmet sich.

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Jaimie Alexander - Removing The Evidence

Blindspot Season 2
Blindspot Season 2
Blindspot Season 2 Season 2 (–17) The episode titles of the first nine of the second season follow the same anagram formula as the first season. The titles from the tenth episode onward are palindromes ; the center letters of the episode titles spell out the phrase "Kurt Weller SOS". After a prominent politician is almost killed during a rally, Weller and the team must work with US Marshal Allie Knight (recurring guest star TRIESTE KELLY DUNN) to take down a leader of the Irish Mob. S2, Ep6 19 Oct. Find Blindspot Season 2 episodes on We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and. The second season of “ Blindspot ” premiered on September 14th of and concluded on May 17, on NBC. In series 2 of Blindspot, Jane, Weller and the rest of the FBI team continue to trace the tattoos on Jane's body in order to solve the crimes they are linked to, and bring down the whole criminal. Season 2 picks up after a three-month time jump, during which some familiar faces have returned to Jane's world - and they're not all friendly. (Jaimie Alexander) on Blindspot, she was being. 79 rows · The following is a chronological list of every guest cast that has played a minor but . 47 rows · Blindspot is an American crime drama television series created by Martin Gero, . Episodenführer Season 2 – Jane sitzt in einem Geheimgefängnis der CIA und muss endlose Verhöre und Folter über sich ergehen lassen. Doch es gelingt ihr. Blindspot ist mit einer dynamischen neuen Staffel da und das Geheimnis hinter Jane Doe vertieft sich weiter. Nach den schockierenden Ereignissen der 1. Liste der Blindspot-Episoden der zweiten Staffel. Sandsturm (In Night So Ransomed Rogue). Staffel 2 Episode 1 (Blindspot 2x01). Nachdem sie aus der. In "Blindspot" Staffel 2 geht Jane ihren Tattoos als Teil des FBIs weiter auf den Grund. Dabei kommt sie ihrem Widersacher "Shepherd".

War vielleicht Andi zu peinlich fr Blindspot Season 2 Bachelorette. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Dieser tötet zwei FBI-Agenten und greift zudem Reade und Zapata an.
Blindspot Season 2

Episode Writers' Conspiracy: Breaking the Season The writers of Blindspot reveal the secrets of Breaking Season 2. The writers of Blindspot reveal the secrets of Breaking Season 2.

Episode Writers' Conspiracy: Premiere Revelations Creator Martin Gero and members of the writing team discuss the shocking disclosures from the action-packed season 2 premiere.

Episode Writers' Conspiracy: Family Secrets Creator Martin Gero and members of the writing team explore the shocking family secrets brought to light for Jane Doe and Kurt Weller.

Episode Conspiracies and Cover-Ups: Zero Division Go behind the scenes with the Creator and Cast of Blindspot as they reveal the shadowy origins of the mysterious Naz and Zero Division.

Episode Conspiracies and Cover-ups: Sandstorm The mysteries of SANDSTORM's shadowy operatives and destructive methods are explored by BLINDSPOT creator and cast.

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Raised by Wolves, Season 1. Grey's Anatomy, Season Borden consults on the case of an autistic girl who draws extremely detailed sketches, one of which matches one of Jane's tattoos.

The girl turns out to be the daughter of the leader of a terrorist group and her sketches provide valuable intel.

When the girl's mother is murdered, the team takes her to Dr. Borden's aunt's cabin to protect her. There, they stop a group of men who come to kill her.

The girl's sketches reveal a State Department diplomat, who was funding the terrorist group, sent the men to keep her from identifying him, resulting in his arrest.

Zapata explains her suspicions about Mayfair to Reade. Jane steals data from the FBI at Oscar's request. While Mayfair is enjoying an evening out, her date, Alexandra, is murdered and an anonymous phone call warns her not to investigate Carter's death.

When the FBI office is hacked, Patterson must lead the team with analog technology to find the perpetrators and stop them from killing Reade, Sarah, and a stranger stuck in an elevator.

Meanwhile, US Attorney Weitz takes over the investigation into Alexandra's death and Mayfair realizes that he tried to recruit Zapata.

Sarah tells Reade that she's moving to Portland. Mayfair is arrested for the murder of Alexandra, who wasn't who she claimed. Jane realizes that all of the missions she carried out for Oscar were pieces of a conspiracy to frame Mayfair.

When Jane accuses Oscar of using her to get to Mayfair, Sofia appears and reveals that a pre-memory-wipe Jane recruited her into the plot to bring down Mayfair.

The team investigates the case of an abandoned baby and uncovers a ring of rogue scientists who are illegally creating genetically engineered designer children.

Mayfair breaks out of house arrest to find out who framed her. The evidence trail leads her to Oscar's hideout and Jane; however, Oscar kills her before she can expose Jane's involvement.

Mayfair's boss, Director Pellington, expels Jane from the FBI and ends all investigations involving her tattoos, but promotes Weller to fill Mayfair's position permanently.

Weller and Jane share a kiss. However, just before dying, Weller's father confesses that he did indeed kill Taylor Shaw, leaving Weller to wonder: just who is Jane Doe?

To track down Oscar, Jane enlists the help of Ana, a young hacker the team had previously saved. Weller and Sarah dig underneath the fort in their childhood home, where Bill Weller said Taylor Shaw was buried, but find nothing.

Weller realizes that "fort" referred to an old family campsite; there, he digs up Taylor's bones. Jane finally catches up to Oscar, who knocks her out and captures her.

When she awakens, he confirms she is not Taylor, explains their group's plans, and tells her that Shepherd is their leader.

As he prepares to wipe her memory again, Jane breaks free and kills him. Reade, Zapata, and Patterson search for Mayfair learning she was murdered.

Decrypting a flash drive Mayfair had hidden in her house, they discover files labeled "Daylight," "Orion," and "M7G When Jane escapes CIA custody after being tortured for three months, NSA agent Nas Kamal recruits Weller's team to recapture her.

Under interrogation, Jane explains her involvement with Oscar and the circumstances surrounding Mayfair's death.

Nas reveals that Jane and Oscar were members of Sandstorm, a terrorist group, and proposes using Jane as a triple agent to infiltrate them.

Though distrustful of Jane, Weller and his team agree to the idea to avenge Mayfair. Jane has the team shoot her to provide an alibi for her disappearance and meets with Roman, a member of Sandstorm.

After treating Jane's wound, he takes her to Shepherd, Sandstorm's leader, who reveals that she is Jane's adoptive mother and that Roman is Jane's brother.

Shepherd asks Jane, whose real name is Remi, to continue acting as Sandstorm's double agent inside the FBI. Using the NSA's resources, Patterson begins deciphering the files on Mayfair's flash drive, discovering an aerial photo of Jane lying unconscious on a battlefield.

Shepherd has a discussion with Roman about their other mole inside the FBI. Shepherd tells Jane to point the team at another tattoo which leads to them uncovering a Mexican drug cartel's plot to blow up a plane headed for LaGuardia Airport.

The foil the plan, but Nas then tells Jane that every tattoo they solve has ripple effects and unintended consequences.

They also learn that Shepherd has people inside the government, including the Department of Justice. It is revealed that Nas is secretly recording Jane's counseling sessions with Dr.

Borden asks Patterson out to dinner. Allie tells Weller that she is pregnant and offers to let him be a part of the child's life, but Weller is uncertain about the idea of fatherhood.

Reade talks to an old friend about testifying against their former football coach from season 1 and realizes that he might have been one of the man's victims.

Frantic to protect Jane, Roman drugs, and kidnaps her. Jane wakes up in Sandstorm's hideout. Suspicious of her alibi for her three months in captivity due to Cade having been in Venezuela at the time she said he was keeping her captive and torturing her, Shepherd assigns her a test: to kill an engineer who failed to design a microchip for Sandstorm.

When Jane is unable to kill the man, Roman does so instead and returns her to the FBI to await further instructions.

The remainder of the team attempts to stop a sequence of bombings throughout New York. When Weller attempts to talk to the bomber to calm him, Nas shoots the man from a distance without warning, escalating tensions between her and Weller.

Patterson and Dr. Borden share a kiss. Reade confesses to Zapata that he may have repressed memories of being molested by his former coach.

Jane returns to Sandstorm and finds that Roman told Shepherd she passed the test. She thanks Roman, who warns her that plans will be moving quickly and he will not be able to cover for her a second time.

Tormented by the possibility of his repressed memories, Reade has a mental breakdown, beating up a hacker for resisting arrest. Following a clue from one of Jane's tattoos, the team goes undercover at a museum gala where a terrorist murders two people.

The terrorist is revealed to be an ex-CIA agent whose identity was erased after she attempted to expose corruption in the CIA, her victim's corrupt agents.

The woman believes her daughter was killed, but Weller's team finds her still alive and reunites mother with daughter. At Roman's urging, Shepherd recounts her tragic early life to Jane to bind her closer to Sandstorm and their mission.

Zapata hires the hacker Reade attacked for an unspecified job. Nas shows Weller evidence that Sandstorm has been surveilling him for over twenty years.

Weller's team investigates an assassination attempt on State Senator Donahue. Evidence points to the Senator's terminally ill cousin, Patrick O'Malley, who claims the senator is the secret head of the Irish mob and arranged a fake hit on himself.

Escorted by Weller's team and Allie, he collects evidence implicating Donahue, but Donahue's men come to kill him. In the ensuing fight, Allie is shot in the leg and O'Malley sacrifices his life to ensure her escape, as they had been friends for years.

After Donahue is arrested, Allie tells Weller that she will have to take a desk job and suggests he do the same for their baby.

Thanks to a tip from the hacker Zapata hired, Patterson decodes the M7G file, revealing emails between Mayfair and Douglas Winter, the whistleblower who exposed Orion.

Jane recovers memories of a doctor who rescued her in Afghanistan and Shepherd explains how she made it back to the US; Shepherd's story is later revealed to be a lie.

Obsessed with his former coach's alleged crimes, Reade assaults the man and breaks into his house, where he finds a videotape with his name on it.

Zapata finds Reade standing over the coach's dead body. Olatunde Osunsanmi. Despite being found at the scene of the crime, Reade insists that he didn't do it.

As the coach's murder catches Patterson's attention, Reade and Zapata desperately try to cover up everything that could get Reade labeled a suspect.

Jane joins Roman on a mission to steal a microchip for Sandstorm. While Roman keeps the security guards preoccupied, Jane tries to upload the microchip data to Patterson but decides to stop mid-upload to save Roman.

Meanwhile, Weller and Nas travel to Bulgaria in search of Douglas Winter and learn that the new deputy director of the CIA is on the same trail.

When they find Winter, he claims to have been framed, as two masked individuals planted the incriminating evidence on his laptop, and provides an audio recording of the incident.

Upon getting Winter back to the States, Patterson descrambles the voices in the recording, which Jane identifies as belonging to Shepherd and Roman.

Additionally, Weller recognizes Shepherd's voice. In a dream, Jane fights a long-haired version of herself whom she can't beat. Later, the FBI computer system is hacked by Rich Dotcom, returned from the previous season when he escaped from the team.

Dotcom now wants FBI protection from an assassin called the Akkadian. The assassin kills two FBI agents and primes a chemical bomb in the elevator.

Reade and Zapata are arguing over a case when the Akkadian attacks them both and vanishes with an unconscious Zapata.

She is injected with a neurotoxin and the Akkadian informs the team that, in return for Dotcom, he will let them know which of three vials contains the antidote.

Weller and Dotcom create a false camera loop to set a trap for the Akkadian. Jane's memory of her dream informs her which fight moves to use to beat the Akkadian, whom Weller kills.

On the brink of death, Zapata taps Morse code on Reade's wrist to indicate which vial will cure her.

Dotcom almost escapes again but, thanks to Patterson, he and his accomplices are finally caught. Meanwhile, Roman receives information that Jane's allegiance is with the FBI.

When Jane and Weller disappear while on an undercover mission, Assistant US Attorney Weitz comes to the NY Office to investigate. He and the rest of Weller's team must piece together the conflicting testimonies of two criminals to discover what happened.

They eventually find Jane and learn that Weller left to follow the notorious arms dealer funding the mission.

When he is captured and auctioned off to the highest bidder, the team wins the auction and poses as the buyers to rescue Weller and arrest the arms dealer.

After Weitz threatens to end her career, Nas gives Patterson access to all of her data on Sandstorm. The team enjoys a baby shower for Weller and Allison's baby.

Reade helps Freddie, the coach's actual killer, leave town, while Zapata manages to return Freddie's knife to police evidence.

Roman comes to Jane's safe house and tells her he needs her by his side as phase 2 of Sandstorm's plan begins. Tawnia McKiernan. While with Sandstorm, Jane alerts the FBI that their attack is imminent and Weller's team raids Sandstorm's headquarters.

Roman knocks Jane out. When she awakens, Shepherd reveals she has long known Jane is a triple agent for the FBI thanks to Sandstorm's mole, Dr.

Flashbacks reveal Borden's wife was the doctor who nursed a pre-memory wipe, Jane, back to health in Afghanistan; after she was killed by a US drone strike, Jane recruited Borden into Sandstorm.

In the present, Shepherd tells Jane she pretended phase two was underway to lure out Weller's team; when the FBI arrives at Sandstorm HQ, she detonates a bomb, trapping them in the rubble.

Shepherd orders Roman to kill Jane; when he refuses, Shepherd tries to kill both of them, but Jane and Roman escape. Weller manages to summon help and rescue his team.

While treating Roman's wounds, Jane erases his memory, hoping to give him the same second chance she had. Patterson recognizes Borden's ring, realizing he works for Sandstorm.

When she tries to arrest him, he fights back and a shot rings out; it is not shown who was hit. The shot is revealed to have hit Patterson and, although she survives, she is captured by Borden and tortured for information by Shepherd.

An amnesiac Roman escapes Jane's custody and is later rescued from Sandstorm's men by Jane and Weller.

The FBI interrogates him for clues on Patterson's location, but he remembers nothing. Zapata finds a coded message from a Sandstorm operative, which leads the FBI to Borden's location.

Director Pellington removes Nas from the FBI for ordering the failed raid on Sandstorm. The FBI rescues Patterson just before she would be killed, but Borden escapes.

Reade makes romantic advances towards Zapata which are rejected. Pellington orders Roman be turned over to the CIA for further questioning, but relents and also reinstates Nas after Weller threatens to resign.

Patterson cracks an encrypted phone and discovers a rough draft of Jane's tattoos that includes a mysterious tattoo not present on Jane's body.

When terrorist leader Anton Stepulov enters the US, Weller's team investigates. They learn he has been brought to the US by CIA Deputy Director Keaton to give information on a terrorist attack in exchange for a heart transplant for his son.

Stepulov's son dies during the operation and the FBI is forced to stop the attack without his help. They deduce that the target of the attack is a high school basketball tournament where Keaton's daughter, Erin, is playing.

Stepulov's men kidnap Erin and hold her hostage, but she is rescued by Weller and Keaton and the attack is foiled. Allie tells Weller that she is considering moving to Colorado with their child.

Nas brings in a psychiatrist to evaluate Roman and she concludes that he lacks empathy. Patterson solves the puzzle of the missing tattoo: it leads to Kat Jarrett, a member of a biker gang, who has an unknown link to Roman.

Jane and Roman go undercover to infiltrate Kat Jarrett's biker gang, the Viper Kings. After Roman sees Kat, he remembers they were romantically involved and planned to run away together, but Remi forced him to abandon her.

Jane and Roman arrange a fake heist to provide the Kings with explosives which they will sell to Sandstorm, giving the FBI a chance to arrest Shepherd.

After the heist is successful, a suspicious Kat accuses Roman and Jane of working with the police; Roman confesses but claims he only did it to be with Kat.

Kat helps him and Jane escape the Kings, but is fatally shot, professing her love for Roman with her dying breath. The FBI raids the meeting between the Kings and Sandstorm but finds Shepherd has already left with the explosives.

Because of this, Nas breaks up with Weller, feeling their relationship is clouding their professional judgment. Jane recognizes Shepherd in a photo from Weller's old high school yearbook and Weller remembers who Shepherd is.

Visiting his old military academy, Weller learns Shepherd's real name, Ellen Briggs, and that she funded his education.

Weller's team investigates Jared Wisnewski, leader of a group of anti-government farmers planning a bomb attack, learning Wisnewski is an FBI informant who was entrapped by Agent Boyd.

Weller allows Wisnewski to meet with his co-conspirators so the FBI can arrest them, but Wisnewski is shot and one of the conspirators escapes, planning an attack on a new target.

Weller fires Boyd and his team manages to avert the attack. Weller interrogates Sean Clarke, a former colleague of Shepherd's who is disabled from a stroke, about Shepherd, but Clarke only rambles about baseball.

Later, Patterson discovers Clarke blocked the promotion of Weller's on Shepherd's orders and Weller realizes Clarke's "ramblings" were a coded message.

Patterson collapses from overwork, Reade uses cocaine to unwind with Niki, and Jane starts a relationship with Oliver Kind.

Meeting again with Weller, Clarke mentions the "Truman Protocol," but he and Weller are then kidnapped by Shepherd. Shepherd kills Clarke and taunts Weller before escaping, saying they are very much alike and he will eventually have no choice but to join her.

Weller's team is forced to go undercover with Rich Dotcom to infiltrate a secret society, some of whose members are planning to start a war.

Weller and Rich confront their most likely suspect, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur named Zach Riley, but he turns out to be innocent. Rich is kidnapped by the real culprit and forced to hack a computer to allow him to detonate a dirty bomb, thus starting the war; Weller frees Rich, but not before being forced to shoot him.

Nas, Jane, and Roman travel to various locations where Shepherd used to live in the hopes of triggering some memories. He remembers that he killed Taylor Shaw's mother; Jane tells him to keep it from Nas and that she will tell Weller.

Zach Riley meets with Borden, who tells him that his work is crucial to Phase 2 of Sandstorm's plan. Darnell Martin. Based on a tattoo decoded by Rich Dotcom, Patterson can link three tattoos to a notorious near-mythical smuggler.

To follow up on the various leads, Jane and Zapata question an antique dealer brought in on a manslaughter charge a few months ago, Weller and Roman infiltrate a prestigious clinic, and Patterson and Reade investigate another address.

They discover that the antique business and the other address are used as fronts for a human smuggling ring that brings illegal immigrants to the clinic, where their organs are harvested for wealthy patients.

Weller and Roman are captured by the smugglers, but the rest of the team finds them in time. Observing his actions during the case, Patterson attempts to confront Reade about his developing drug habit, but he rebuffs her efforts.

Later, Nas receives a new call from her old Sandstorm contact but, when she goes to the dead-drop, she is attacked in her car. Nas narrowly survives the attempt on her life and concludes that Sandstorm may have uncovered her informant.

The team sets up a sting operation to catch him, during which Jane is attacked by Cade. When backup arrives, however, Cade reveals that he is the informant, having grown disillusioned with Shepherd's disregard for human life.

He reveals the location of a fixer working for Sandstorm, but the man is killed before he can be extracted. Patterson discovers a transmitter hidden in her tooth and uses it to set a trap for Borden.

Wounded, Borden kills himself with a grenade and his men commit suicide. Cade is set free but refuses to assist any further out of fear for what Shepherd has planned.

Zapata confronts Reade about his cocaine usage and warns Weller. While having dinner with Oliver, Jane is ambushed and tranquilized by masked men.

Jane and Oliver awaken in captivity. It is revealed that Oliver's father and business partner embezzled millions of dollars and the kidnappers intend to ransom Oliver and the partner's children for the money.

Jane manages to alert the FBI and Weller's team successfully rescues the children as well as Oliver and Jane, discovering that Oliver's father, long missing, has passed away.

Afterward, Oliver breaks up with Jane. Weller offers to let Reade take time off to get help, but Reade resigns instead. Weller arranges to allow Roman to live with Jane in her safe house.

Roman recovers a memory of him retrieving money from a trust fund under Jane's birth name, Alice Kruger. Heavily traumatized by her experience with Borden, Patterson tears apart her apartment looking for surveillance devices.

Reade is recognized as an officer by a group of drug dealers, who beat him up. The team is officially notified that they are under investigation by the US Attorney for aiding and abetting terrorists.

Weller's team investigates the death of a teenager living in a foster home and uncovers a conspiracy to illegally test new drugs on foster children.

Jane persuades Weller to allow Roman to help the FBI in the field and they track down the children and arrest the conspirators. AUSA Weitz interrogates the members of Weller's team, hunting for evidence to justify a congressional inquiry into their work on Sandstorm.

To protect Weller and the rest of the team, thereby allowing them to continue to pursue Sandstorm, Nas takes full responsibility for the task force's mistakes.

While in the hospital, Reade opens up about his torment to a fellow patient and ultimately decides to watch Coach Jones' tape together with Zapata to find closure.

Shepherd obtains large amounts of nuclear material from an associate, warning him to avoid the Western Hemisphere during Phase 2.

Ernest Dickerson. Patterson manages to freeze Sandstorm's accounts before Shepherd can purchase the nuclear materials, leading to a chase around Bangkok before she gets arrested.

Shepherd manages to escape and reacquire the materials. Meanwhile, Weller's team follows another tattoo leading to a scavenger hunt orchestrated by a pair of hacker siblings offering a database full of classified intel, including on the Truman Protocol.

Weller and Jane manage to acquire the database before Sandstorm, forcing Shepherd to order Weller's death. Zapata gets arrested by the NYPD for obstruction of justice.

Zapata's arrest is revealed to be a ruse set up by Weller and Patterson to gather intelligence from Devon Ronda Rousey , a gunrunner with ties to Sandstorm.

When Devon is stabbed by another inmate, however, she is forced to stage a breakout with the team's assistance.

Weller learns the truth about Taylor's mother's death but recognizes that Shepherd, not Jane, is to blame for what happened.

Devon sets up a rendezvous with her boyfriend Parker but changes the location to mislead the team. Parker identifies Zapata and subdues her to set an ambush for Weller and Jane.

An increasingly unstable Patterson attacks one of her techs and steps off the case. Weller rescues Zapata and captures Parker and Devon.

Jane inadvertently triggers a memory in Roman that reveals she erased his memory and he attacks her in a rage. Roman is subdued and returned to FBI custody, regaining many of his memories.

Reade decides to transfer out of New York. Jane and Weller follow a lead from Parker, which turns out to be a ruse to lure them away.

Shepherd and her team storm the New York office and seize control, killing Director Pellington and other agents to gain access to Patterson's computer, which she plans to use to carry out attacks on federal buildings.

Patterson, Reade, and Zapata stop Shepherd, but Zapata is severely wounded. Jane and Weller return to the FBI and defuse multiple bombs planted by Shepherd.

Roman rejoins Shepherd and escapes with her. Weller is taken to a hidden bunker, where he learns that he is part of a secret continuity-of-government program, COGS, intended to be activated in a national emergency.

He realizes that phase 2 of Shepherd's plan is to wipe out the federal government and leave COGS in charge of America. Weller escapes the bunker with CIA Deputy Director Keaton.

Patterson traces the explosives used in Shepherd's attacks to Zach Riley; under interrogation, he reveals Shepherd plans to crash a satellite into Washington, D.

After Zapata and Keaton find the nuclear material in an ambulance, Jane and Weller go to confront Shepherd. While Jane drives the ambulance into a tunnel to minimize the fallout, Weller searches for the beacon Shepherd is using to guide the satellite.

Roman crashes a car into the ambulance, injuring Weller. Realizing Shepherd swallowed the beacon, Weller defibrillates her, disabling it and allowing Patterson to redirect the satellite into the ocean.

Jane fights Roman, but cannot bring herself to kill him, letting him escape. Shepherd is arrested and placed in Nas' custody. The team celebrates and Jane and Weller consummate their relationship.

Two years later, Jane is living on a mountaintop with monks, having left Weller and the FBI for unknown reasons. Weller comes to see her, asking for her help in finding Patterson, Reade, and Zapata, who has suddenly disappeared.

He is wearing a wedding ring and has a sealed box marked with Jane's name, which opens when they both touch it. Inside is a metallic object that causes Jane's tattoos to light up.

A black box with the ability to disable a missile defense system is stolen from a downed satellite, bringing Jane face-to-face with an unscrupulous mercenary she worked with during her absence.

With the threat of a nuclear strike by North Korea looming, the team frantically searches for the black box. They discover that one of the satellite's creators is working with North Korean agents and recover the box before the missiles can be launched.

Roman befriends a wealthy former soldier, Thomas Jakeman, who kills him and steals his identity.

Zapata meets Reade's girlfriend. Patterson finds her colleague Stuart murdered in his apartment. Solvan "Slick" Naim.

After Jane and Weller arrest a financial tycoon, Kevin Loewe, his lawyer insists he was framed by an anonymous hacktivist group, the Three Blind Mice.

It is revealed Patterson and Rich Dotcom were formerly members of the group but left when the third member, Kathy, began executing malicious hacks.

The FBI interrogates Kathy. Patterson uses a backdoor in the app she created to help prove Loewe is guilty of corporate sabotage and Jane and Weller stop the saboteurs.

Realizing Patterson and Rich were the other Mice, Kathy kidnaps them and tries to force them to perform criminal hacks. Patterson manages to signal the team for a rescue.

Reade voices his suspicions that Patterson and Rich were the other members of the Mice but says he cannot pursue them for lack of evidence and suggests that Jane's new tattoos are intended to reveal secrets the team wants to keep hidden.

Patterson continues investigating the tattoo Stuart was working on, finding it is linked to Van Gogh. An unknown one-eared man is seen concealing evidence of Stuart's murder.

Following one of Jane's tattoos, the team investigates Marcus Dunn, an anti-technology bomber thought to have died over twenty years ago.

The trail leads the team to a man named Rosmond "Rossi" Ott, who recognizes Jane as Remi. Ott is transferred to the custody of the State Department by Assistant Secretary of State West; however, Ott escapes.

The team learns Dunn is alive. They deduce his next target; Reade kills Dunn and Jane and Weller work together to defuse his bomb.

Zapata sees Reade meeting secretly with West. Ott sends Jane documents revealing that she has a daughter whom she put up for adoption.

Posing as Thomas Jakeman, Roman attends a charity auction hosted by a socialite, Blake Crawford. He flirts with Blake and places a tracking device on her.

The team investigates a series of arson attacks that lead them to Vanya Petrushev, the rightful king of the nation of Kazarus, who is being targeted for assassination by his uncle, the current king.

The team finds and rescues Vanya and his mother from the assassins. When his uncle is overthrown, Vanya decides to go to Kazarus to help lead the people.

Suspicious of Reade's behavior, Zapata and Patterson concoct fake evidence in the case of Stuart's murder to lure out the mole within the FBI; FBI Director Hirst attempts to frame Reade by using his login to delete the "evidence.

Roman tells Jane that Shepherd forced her to give up her daughter and Jane resolves to find her at all costs. A flashback reveals that, while searching for Jane in Berlin, Weller met her daughter, Avery, who was also searching for her.

Weller goes undercover in Hollywood to investigate the connection of Keith Rhodes, a famous actor, to a notorious organized crime boss, Nico Popov.

Reade's team learns that Popov is using Rhodes' producer as a front to ship WMDs all over the world and that Popov is planning a chemical attack in America.

Weller and Jane thwart the attack and arrest Popov. Roman engineers another encounter with Blake Crawford and the two grow closer. Jane decides to abandon the search for her daughter.

Hirst issues a veiled threat to Reade after he confronts her about her connections to Kevin Loewe. Reade joins Jane, Weller, Patterson, Zapata, and Rich to help bring Hirst down.

A flashback reveals that Hirst killed Stuart for solving the tattoo leading to the one-eared man's identity.

In the present day, clues from Roman lead the team to Dr. Margaret Palmieri, the director of a cancer drug trial who is accepting bribes. While interviewing one of the trial's participants, Jane and Weller come face-to-face with his husband: the one-eared man.

They capture him, learning he is Eric Vance, an ex-US Marshal. Vance reveals Hirst blackmailed him into working for her by threatening to force Palmieri to withdraw his husband from the drug trial and agrees to testify against Hirst if they arrest Palmieri.

Patterson deduces that Palmieri plans to release a deadly virus to become rich by selling the cure. Hirst demands that Reade expel Zapata from the task force and the FBI.

With Allie's help, Jane and Weller stop Palmieri from releasing the virus. Vance tells them Hirst murdered Stuart. When Vance is killed shortly after being placed in witness protection, Weller realizes that Hirst knows the team is investigating her.

A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse ensues as Hirst tries to stop Reade's team from exposing her. Roman meets Blake's father, Hank Crawford, and it is revealed that Hirst is in his employ.

Roman demands Weller kill Hirst now that Vance is dead. Hirst frames Patterson for Stuart's murder. Reade pretends to side with Hirst against the rest of the team.

After Rich helps Patterson escape the FBI, he is arrested by Hirst. Jane and Weller steal Hirst's phone to get data from it. Weller gets himself arrested to help Jane escape and get the phone data to Patterson, who finds a lead in the data just before being arrested.

Zapata follows the lead Patterson found and obtains an audio recording of Hirst killing Stuart. The recording is played over the FBI intercom and Hirst is arrested for murder.

Hirst reveals her subordinates have kidnapped Zapata, forcing Reade to help her escape. Jane and Weller track them and free Reade and Zapata.

Weller arrests Hirst rather than killing her as Roman ordered. No longer wanting to let Roman blackmail him, Weller tells Jane his secret from Berlin: he killed her daughter.

The team investigates missing nuclear warheads, discovering that they were stolen by Lana, the sister of terrorist leader Anton Stepulov who wants vengeance for her brother's death.

Weller is forced to leap out of a plane to disarm the warhead. Victor, Hank Crawford's right-hand man, tests Roman by forcing him to recover a valuable item.

In a flashback, Weller explains to Jane what happened in Berlin: he accidentally shot Avery while confronting a gangster named Max. In response, Jane removes her wedding ring and declares that she is leaving him.

It is revealed Avery is still alive and being held captive. Martha Mitchell. Dermott Daniel Downs. The team investigates the seemingly unrelated drug deaths of several Marines.

After being caught in an explosion, Patterson is severely injured and lapses into a coma. Within her subconscious, she relives the events of the day over and over again , doomed to do so until she solves the case.

While sifting through the clues, she interacts with visions of various figures from her past, including David, Borden, Stuart, Roman, and Director Pellington, who help her deal with the guilt she feels for their deaths.

Upon solving the case, she awakens and deduces that the Marines died during an unsanctioned covert operation and their deaths were being covered up by a Marine general.

Patterson confides in Zapata that her vision of Borden was different from the others in some way; it is revealed that Borden is alive. Ex-Sandstorm member Cade appears at Jane and Weller's apartment, having escaped from a crashed black flight after being imprisoned by the CIA.

He warns them that the other prisoners are planning an imminent attack in New York. With his intel, the FBI manages to identify the leader of the attack, a CIA agent named Quinn Bonita, who is seeking revenge on the CIA for her husband's death, and then stop her and the prisoners.

Crawford is inclined to pay the ransom for Blake and Christophe, but Christophe's father, Jean-Paul, insists on taking them back by force.

Roman goes along with Jean-Paul's team; when he sees Blake and Christophe are unguarded, he kills Jean-Paul's men and rescues Blake and Christophe.

Later, Roman tells Crawford he realized that he, Crawford, had ordered the kidnapping himself to cement Jean-Paul's gratitude after the rescue.

Roman explains he killed Jean-Paul's team to keep them from exposing Crawford's involvement and Crawford commends him for his loyalty.

The body of Avery's adoptive father is dumped into a river by unknown men. Jean de Segonzac. The FBI team, along with Avery, goes undercover at a gala where Crawford plans to meet with Jean-Paul to conclude a land deal.

There, Jane and Avery meet Roman, who explains his plan to help them record Crawford's deal and arrest both him and Jean-Paul.

However, a passionate moment with Blake convinces Roman to double-cross the FBI so that he can keep his new life with Blake and her father.

The FBI storms the gala and kills Jean-Paul, but Crawford escapes with Roman's help. Blake is shocked to discover her father's criminal activity and Crawford becomes suspicious of Roman.

Patterson begins withholding information from Zapata at work, drawing a reprimand from Reade. Reade attempts to reconcile with Zapata as friends, but she refuses, saying she cannot be his best man or attend his wedding.

As Jane, Weller, and Avery enjoy a family moment, Roman issues an order to a group of assassins to kill all the members of the FBI team. Neema Barnette.

After a hard day at work trying to trace Crawford's new location, the team decides to grab some rest. Unfortunately, each of them becomes a target of Roman's assassins.

Jane and Weller are attacked in an exclusive restaurant, resulting in Jane getting kidnapped. Reade is attacked in his apartment after an argument with Millicent Van Der Waal, who was investigating him due to his connection to Hirst.

Millicent is killed by the assassin sent for Reade, but he manages to save himself. Zapata attends a memorial service for her ex-boyfriend, Ricky, in a church and is attacked, but the assassin is killed with the help of Ricky's sister, a rookie police officer.

Finally, Patterson and co-worker Jack are attacked during a date. They are saved by Zapata after injuring their attacker. Sarah Schecter Martin Gero Mark Pellington seasons 1—2 Greg Berlanti Marcos Siega seasons 1—2.

Howard Griffith seasons 1—2 Harvey Waldman seasons 1—2 Ryan Lindenberg season 3 Ryan Johnson season 3 Peter Lalayanis season 3 Chad McQuay season 3.

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Sie kann ihren Bruder Roman aus den Fängen der Terrorzelle "Sandsturm" retten und ihn zur Zusammenarbeit mit dem FBI bewegen. Naz hört unterdessen wieder von ihrer Quelle bei Sandstorm und trifft sich mit dem Informanten. Sie wird zur Doppelagentin wider Willen und zum Spielball Nord Bei Nordwest Ard Mediathek FBI und Sandstorm. Sie bringt auf einer Spendengala zwei Menschen um. It turns out that Burke ordered the attacks but helped the FBI to gain the trust of the public media. Martin Trettau returns to Sandstorm and Blindspot Season 2 that Roman told Shepherd she passed the Dream Machine. Retrieved December 21, Retrieved Eins Live O Ton 8, After some encouragement from Dr. Jane and Oliver awaken in captivity. Patterson continues investigating the tattoo Stuart was working on, finding it is linked to Van Gogh. Patterson finds her colleague Stuart murdered in his apartment. In a flashback, Weller explains to Jane what happened in Berlin: he accidentally shot Avery while confronting a gangster named Max. Patterson confides in Zapata Sanam Afrashteh Nude her Kostenlose Western of Borden was different from Carmel Laniado others in some way; it is revealed that Borden is alive. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. When Jane and This Is Us Staffel 3 go missing during an undercover operation, the Hr Doku of the team must interrogate two criminals who hold the key to finding them. Archived from the original Prison Break Staffel 5 Stream Deutsch Hd Filme November 2,

Auf der Blindspot Season 2 Webseite von Sky findet ihr sowohl eine bersicht ber die Sendung Verpasst Die Fallers und eine Auflistung von A-Z! - Alle Infos zu Staffel 2

Masaaki Yuasa Walker: Malmsheimer in the Saddle - Review The Expanse: Winnipesaukee - Review. Retrieved October 29, Archived from the original on January 30, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An unknown one-eared man is seen concealing evidence of Stuart's murder. Reade and Jane search the Frostbite Deutsch apartment but are shot at by a sniper whom Jane recognizes in flashback.


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