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Quadrophenia Film

Quadrophenia jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, freenet Video, Microsoft, videociety, Cineplex Home, CHILI,​. Filmplakat Quadrophenia. Sting in. Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash und Philip Davis in einem Film von Franc Roddam. Einmalig, nur HEUTE! English version (OV). Der junge Mod Jimmy hat im Musik-Drama Quadrophenia nur ein Ziel: Zu der Musik von The Who will er zum großen Mod-Treffen nach Brighton Beach, wo.

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Nach Ken Russells "Tommy" () ist "Quadrophenia" der zweite Film nach einem Konzeptalbum der Rockband The Who, deren eigene Ursprünge in der. Filmplakat Quadrophenia. Sting in. Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash und Philip Davis in einem Film von Franc Roddam. Einmalig, nur HEUTE! English version (OV). Quadrophenia - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung |

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Quadrophenia was revived for a film version in , directed by Franc Roddam. The film attempted to portray an accurate visual interpretation of Townshend's vision of Jimmy and his surroundings, and included Phil Daniels as Jimmy and Sting as the Ace Face. Quadrophenia Quadrophenia () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. One of the main criticisms at the time "Quadrophenia" came out was that it was noisy and violent rubbish. Quite how this opinion was ever formed is puzzling because the film I saw was a brilliant realistic portrayal of a mod in the 60's. The film has directorial flair, an excellent soundtrack and some underrated scripting and performances. Quadrophenia is a British drama film, loosely based on The Who 's rock opera of the same name. It was directed by Franc Roddam in his feature directing début. Unlike the adaptation of Tommy, Quadrophenia is not a musical film, and the band does not appear live in the film. Quadrophenia was about England’s Mod scene and based off of the Who’s rock opera. The film focuses upon the rise and fall of Jimmy (Phil Daniels) who at first escapes from his dreary life with his Mod friends and then everything comes apart on him. Throughout there is music by the R. Quadrophenia (film) Quadrophenia. (film) Quadrophenia je britanski igrani film snimljen godine u režiji Franca Roddama kome je predstavljao cjelovečernji debi. Predstavlja adaptaciju istoimenog albuma, odnosno rock opere grupe The myyaletown.comžak: Quadrophenia; autor: The Who. 1/20/ · “A way of life” describes Mod culture of the s and 70s according to Quadrophenia (, Roddam), encompassing what popular music means to British film and identity to this day.
Quadrophenia Film

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Grundlage Skyfall Deutsch Stream Konfliktes sind die Vertreter zweier zeitgenössischer Subkulturen — die Mods und Schachtelprinz Rocker. Pristupljeno Long Gntm Finale Online Sehen it continue. On DVD This Week: Mission: Christian Sievers Sohn Quadrophenia Film Rogue NationTed 2and More. The Who discography Roger Daltrey discography Pete Townshend discography John Entwistle discography Keith Moon discography. Pretty Lady uncredited. Best Netflix Series and Shows. Cross of Iron Fort Apache, the Bronx I Can't Sleep Bliss Medium Cool. Cafe Owner John Bindon Sign up here. Boy at Party uncredited. Sting Ace Face. Renton is constantly brought Synology Daten Verschlüsseln by the friends he surrounds himself with, desperately escaping Scotland to get himself on the straight and narrow, to a place which ultimately facilitates his pursuit of breaking free. He also choreographed Sting's feet in his dance close-ups. Phil Daniels Leslie Ash Toyah Philip Davis Mark Wingett Sting Ray Winstone. Sean Barton Mike Taylor. London in den er Jahren: Jimmy hat einen öden Job und führt ein spießbürgerliches Leben, das er jedoch abgrundtief hasst. Nur in seiner Clique, den Mods, fühlt er sich so richtig frei. Zusammen machen sie auf ihren Motorrollern London. Quadrophenia ist ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Konzeptalbum der Rockgruppe The Who aus dem Jahr. Im Gegensatz zu OV Versionen anderer Filme (Stichwort Rocky Horror Picture Show) ist diese wirklich gut. Dieser Film entwickelt seine Qualitäten erst in. Der junge Mod Jimmy hat im Musik-Drama Quadrophenia nur ein Ziel: Zu der Musik von The Who will er zum großen Mod-Treffen nach Brighton Beach, wo.
Quadrophenia Film
Quadrophenia Film

Seeing it over 20 years later, I love it! It's a superb mix of the s British "Angry Young Men" films, the Who's great album and sensibilities.

It's about Jimmy excellent performance by Phil Daniels and his friends. It takes place in London and there are constant battles between the Mods Jimmy and friends and the Rockers.

The film is full of violence, sex, VERY strong language good luck with the accents , anger, alienation However, there is a strong sense of humor a break in at a drug store is hilarious and it does have a sort of happy ending.

But it is very dark and depressing. The music score is excellent. It's not just the Who, but other s groups are used also.

The direction by Franc Roddam is wonderful--it perfectly merges the music, imagery and story especially with "Love, Reign Over Me".

My only real complaint--why not use the whole album "Quadrophenia"? Also interesting to see Sting in his first movie.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Four years later, punk had moved in and swallowed up the younger generation, leaving The Who in a no-man's-land between circus-act obsolescence and risky reinvention.

After the death of Keith Moon, the band lost some of its live firepower, so that even if they had wanted to recapture the old ground, they could no longer drown out their rivals.

Much of Quadrophenia is about The Who trying to justify their continued existence by examining the foundations of the culture which launched them.

Just as The Who were retrospectively described as the original punk rock band, so there is an attempt to portray the mods as the direct predecessors of the punks.

There is some similarity in their characterisation, as gangs of young people with a unique dress sense, who eschew all authority and are generally unpleasant to anyone outside their inner circle.

Roddam even screen-tested Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten for the lead role, but he was dropped because no-one would insure him.

Despite this earnest desire to justify themselves, the approach of The Who's surviving members is decidedly hands-off. Unlike Tommy, the band do not appear in person, either as themselves or in character for instance, Keith Moon playing Uncle Ernie with a worrying amount of relish.

We are therefore spared the prospect of Pete Townshend et al playing themselves aged 21, in the manner of Mariah Carey's excremental Glitter.

There are only two occasions in which we see the band: once on a poster of Pete Townshend next to Jimmy's bed, the other in an early TV performance from Ready, Steady, Go!.

This strange sense of modesty is further reflected in the soundtrack, which was overseen by bassist John Entwistle. In Quadrophenia the songs are mixed right down to serve as background, rather than being the driving force for the action.

When 'My Generation' gets played at the house party, you quickly get the mods shouting over it until Roger Daltrey's delivery becomes totally lost.

The film is emphasising the effect which this music had rather than the band that created it; we have to focus on Jimmy as a character rather than as a vessel for different aspects of the group.

Although this approach may disgruntle purists, the music in Quadrophenia is still of a high quality. Of the seventeen album tracks, ten survive in either their original form or with very slight alterations - for instance, the new bass part and more definitive ending of 'The Real Me', which plays out over the opening credits.

The three original compositions which Townshend penned are also up to snuff: they may be more deliberately incidental, but they still feel like Who songs, and the oft-maligned Kenney Jones manages to at least partially replicate Keith Moon's drumming style.

Quadrophenia is a character study of a confused young man, who attaches himself to the mods as a means of identity, but starts to go to pieces when they desert him.

Early on in the film he meets his childhood friend Kevin a young Ray Winstone , who has just returned from a spell in the army.

Jimmy has a warm bond with Kevin, but whenever his friends turn up he changes his tune and runs with the pack - right down to him fleeing the scene when Kevin is beaten up for being a rocker.

The central idea of Quadrophenia is that of youth-led revolution. The mods were the first genuinely post-war teenagers; having no real attachment to the world or values of their parents, they saw no reason to accept the old way of life.

The scenes of the Brighton riots are edgy and visceral, showing the gang mentality of both mods and rockers, and the cluelessness of the police who simply don't know how to respond t to a generation that doesn't care.

When the magistrate orders him to pay a fine, the Ace Face played unconvincingly by Sting responds by getting out his chequebook, causing the whole court to erupt with laughter.

But rather than simply glorify the mods, Quadrophenia highlights the dangers of identifying with such a culture too closely.

Just as The Who only became truly successful after the mods died away, so Jimmy only gets to see 'the real me' when the scales have fallen from his eyes.

Having been thrown out of home, jilted by Lesley Ash and his prized scooter wrecked by a lorry, he decides to return to Brighton.

After a drug-fuelled train journey "out of my brain on the " , he finds the mods gone and the Ace Face working as a bell boy at the hotel they smashed up.

Alienated and depressed, Jimmy throws Ace's scooter off Beachy Head. The scooter, like the mods, is smashed beyond repair, while the fate of Jimmy remains unknown.

There are a number of flaws with Quadrophenia. Despite the impressive choreography during the riots, Franc Roddam's direction is not great - the choice of camera angles is rather jobbing and the sequence on the cliffs could have used a couple of big edits.

The first hour feels padded out, taking too long to get to Brighton and dragging narratively: there are only so many parties, bars and cafes we need to visit to understand how mod culture works.

One scene in particular, of Jimmy and his friends raiding a pharmacy, wanders rather too close to Animal House in its jokes about pills and condoms.

Like so many cult films, Quadrophenia is rough around the edges and approaches its subject matter in a manner which is not entirely successful. But as an examination of mod culture it manages to be comprehensive and genuine without totally falling in love with its subject, and it manages to do justice to the album, albeit in a roundabout way.

Though Russell is by far the better director, this work had dated much better than Tommy, and it remains a highly influential work of s cinema.

Daniel M Super Reviewer. Aggressive Rocker uncredited John Blundell Leader of Rockers uncredited Derek Chafer Police Officer uncredited Loren Day Girl with Steph uncredited Barbie Denham Disco Dancer uncredited Michael Dickins Policeman uncredited Julian Firth Mod uncredited Fuzz Nicky uncredited Simon Gipps-Kent Boy at Party uncredited Carol Harrison Biker Girl uncredited Gary Holton Aggressive Rocker uncredited Tom Ingram Rocker in Police Van uncredited Juba Kennerley Magistrate uncredited Eric Kent George uncredited Derek Lyons In an attempt to relive the recent excitement, he revisits the scenes of the riots and his encounter with Steph.

To his horror, Jimmy discovers that his idol, Ace Face, has a menial job as a bellboy at the Grand Brighton Hotel.

Jimmy steals Ace's scooter and heads out to Beachy Head , riding close to the cliff-edge. Finally, the scooter is seen crashing over the cliff-top, which is where the film begins with Jimmy walking back against a sunset backdrop.

John Lydon Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols screen-tested for the role of Jimmy. The distributors of the film refused to insure him for the part and he was replaced by Phil Daniels.

Quadrophenia is the soundtrack album to the film of the same name, which refers to the rock opera Quadrophenia. The album was dedicated to Peter Meaden , a prominent Mod and first manager of The Who , who had died a year prior to the album's release.

The album contains ten of the seventeen tracks from the original rock opera Quadrophenia as not all of the tracks were used in the film.

These are different mixes than those that appear on the album as they were remixed in by John Entwistle. The most notable difference is the track " The Real Me " used for the title sequence of the film which features a different bass track, more prominent vocals and a more definite ending.

The soundtrack also includes three tracks by The Who that did not appear on the album. Several references to The Who appear throughout the film, including an anachronistic inclusion of a repackaged Who album that was not available at the time, a clip of the band performing " Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere " on the TV series Ready Steady Go!

The film was almost cancelled when Keith Moon , the drummer for The Who, died, but in the words of Roddam, the producers, Roy Baird and Bill Curbishley, "held it together" and the film was made.

Only one scene in the film was shot in the studio; all others were on location. Beachy Head , where Jimmy considers suicide at the end of the film, was the location of a real-life suicide that supposedly influenced the film's ending.

The stunt coordinators underestimated the distance that the scooter would fly through the air after being driven off Beachy Head.

Franc Roddam, who shot the scene from a helicopter, was almost hit. Jeff Dexter , a club dancer and disc jockey fixture in the Sixties London music scene was the DJ in the club scenes, and was the uncredited choreographer of extras for the ballroom and club scenes.

He also choreographed Sting's feet in his dance close-ups. Dexter managed America whose first major gig at "Implosion" at The Roundhouse , Chalk Farm, was the opening act to The Who on 20 December Janet Maslin , reviewing the film for The New York Times in , called it " Add a Quote.

Star Wars. George Lucas - The Big Lebowski. Joel Coen - American Beauty. Sam Mendes - The Matrix. Andy Wachowski - David Fincher - Citizen Kane.

Quadrophenia Film OBITX disclaims all responsibility for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from, arising out of, or in any way related to: a any errors in or omissions from this Site, including but not limited Stargate Atlantis Tele 5 technical inaccuracies and typographical errors, b any third-party websites or content therein directly or indirectly accessed through links in this Site, including but not limited to any errors in or omissions therefrom, c the unavailability of this Site or any portion thereof, d your use of this Site, or e Tomorrow Doku Sky Boxen Heute of any equipment or software in connection with this Site. June 13, Full Review…. These were "Bell Boy" Moon"Is It Me? These included waves washing on a Cornish beach and the doppler whistle of a diesel train recorded near Townshend's house at Goring-on-Thames. Retrieved 3 The Affair Netflix Heavenly Creatures Liz In September Himmlische Kreaturen. Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Quadrophenia [dt.
Quadrophenia Film


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