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Marvel Loki

- Explore Budai Nóra's board "MARVEL Loki/ Thorki" on Pinterest. See more ideas about bosszúállók, marvel filmek, loki laufeyson. Loki ist eine angekündigte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über die titelgebende Hauptfigur Loki innerhalb des Marvel Cinematic Universe. Allmächtiger Thanos. Ich, Loki, Prinz von Asgard, Odins Sohn, rechtmäßiger König von Jotunheim.

Loki bei Disney+: Alle Infos zu Besetzung und Handlung der verrückten Marvel-Serie

Die Marvel-Serie handelt natürlich vom Gott des Schabernacks und Thors Adoptivbruder Loki Laufeyson. Die Handlung spielt nach den. Loki ist eine angekündigte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über die titelgebende Hauptfigur Loki innerhalb des Marvel Cinematic Universe. Direkt aus der nordischen Mythologie zu Marvel: Loki Laufeyson, der Gott der List​! Im MCU weicht der Ziehsohn von Odin und Adoptivbruder von Thor zwar.

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Schaue jetzt. In: Variety. Google Analytics. Oder handelt es Blindspot Season 2 bei den drei Köpfen vielleicht um verschiedene Versionen des Bösewichts Kang der Eroberer?
Marvel Loki

Marvel Loki toll, sowie Polarbren. - Gibt es schon einen Trailer zur Loki-Serie?


Loki casts a spell on Tarene , who is insanely jealous of Ororo because she too has feelings for Thor. Maddened by Loki's spell, Tarene goes after Ororo and is killed by Thor when he steps in to protect her.

With Tarene's death, her hammer goes to Ororo, making her Goddess of Thunder. Thor rules over the entire Earth with Loki as his chief adviser and head of security in a storyarc of Thor volume 2.

Loki now wears Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto. The siblings have words before Desak attacks again and this time kills Loki.

Throughout the Loki: Agent of Asgard series, the main villain was thought to be Loki of the past, when in reality it was revealed to be King Loki of the future, where Loki will inevitably turn evil once again.

After not being able to take it anymore, he stabbed Thor and proceeded to destroy the Earth, killing everyone on it.

King Thor comes to seek revenge, but King Loki raises the undead Avengers to attack him. Knowing he cannot defeat his brother, King Loki retreats to the past, where he plans to kill the Odinson while he cannot wield Mjolnir.

During the "Last Days" part of the Secret Wars storyline, King Loki devises a plan that involves traveling to Hel to free a monster that will destroy Asgard.

The Asgardians later gather to witness King Loki on the back of the Midgard Serpent where they believe that this will be their end.

As Loki is now the God of Stories, he saves a memory of the universe in the form of a story. After everything in existence is gone, Loki confronts a crying King Loki.

As Loki would not be here without him, he embraces his no-longer future self. King Loki disappears, and Loki and his friend Verity await to see what the universe's next story will bring.

After the timeline is restored, it was revealed that Loki was seeking All-Black the Necrosword, the first symbiote. After killing Ego the Living Planet for the weapon, Loki stabs King Thor, only to realize he himself was then stabbed by a returned Gorr.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Cover art of Thor 64 July Art by Ben Lai.

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Annihilus Apocalypse Ares Arkon Baron Strucker Beyonder Carnage Crossbones Doctor Octopus Dormammu Egghead Ghaur Grey Gargoyle Griffin Klaw Korvac Leader Living Laser Mandarin Maximus Mephisto Morgan le Fay Powderkeg Surtur Whirlwind.

Black Order Brotherhood of Mutants Chitauri Circus of Crime Dark Avengers Enclave Frightful Four H. The Hand Hydra Kree Legion of the Unliving Lethal Legion Maggia Masters of Evil Mindless Ones Secret Empire Sinister Six Skrulls Sons of the Serpent Squadron Sinister Squadron Supreme Symbiotes U-Foes Wrecking Crew Zodiac.

A-Force A-Next Agents of Atlas Avengers A. Early in the comics' history, Loki fell for a Goddess named Sigyn, who was already engaged to a member of Odin's Crimson Hawk guards, Theoric.

To get Sigyn to marry her, Loki had Theoric killed and then impersonated him until they were wed. Loki then revealed his trickery, which caused Odin to want to exile Loki since Asgardian law forbade marriage-annulments.

Being truthful to her vows, Sigyn chose to go with Loki after accepting the marriage, which led to her becoming the Goddess of Fidelity.

Because of her power and the overall threat to Asgard, Loki rarely interacts with Hela , except when he needs something, which isn't surprising.

This sister turned out to be Angela, who was part of the Galaxy's Guardians. Because her heritage had come to light Angela is banished from Heven, whereupon Loki tells her, "If you ever need a place to stay, I have a pull-out couch.

So it's no surprise she becomes a friend of Loki, a character who is all-around complicated due to his nature mischievous nature. While Loki wants to do good, his way of looking at things and going about them puts him in some fairly suspicious positions.

So his relationship with Noreen feels more trustworthy as a result. After Loki was reincarnated as a child, his daughter Hela - who was older than him at the time - entrusted her handmaiden, Leah, to assist Loki in his travels.

Throughout, Loki and Leah's relationship developed quickly due to the amount of time they spent together. Their relationship even bordered the romantic, as they almost kissed more than once throughout their journeys.

Nonostante il nuovo Loki non ricordi nulla del suo passato, ancora una volta gli asgardiani, ed in particolar modo Odino [67] , lo trattano con timore e diffidenza accusandolo di essere un traditore per via delle azioni della sua precedente incarnazione.

Dopo la morte di Thor nella battaglia finale con il Serpente , il giovane Loki e Silver Surfer riparano Mjolnir permettendogli di resuscitare [70].

Desideroso di redenzione, Loki inizia a svolgere varie missioni sulla Terra per conto delle "Madri di Tutti" All Mother , ossia Freiya , Gea e Idunn , il nuovo triumvirato regnante ad Asgard, ora nota come Asgardia [77].

Nel corso dei suoi incarichi, Loki fa amicizia con Verity Willis, una mortale dai limitati poteri magici capace di vedere oltre ogni inganno [78]. Ha incassato i raggi di energia degli anelli del Mandarino [93] e i colpi dell' Uomo Ragno [94] senza battere ciglio.

La caratteristica distintiva di Loki sono tuttavia i suoi immensi poteri magici, pari, se non superiori, a quelli di Scarlet e Karnilla [96] [97].

Dopo aver fatto cancellare il proprio nome dal "Libro di Hel", Loki ha inoltre ottenuto di poter permanentemente ingannare la morte reincarnandosi in una nuova forma ogni volta che viene ucciso [61].

Messosi a capo di un esercito di assassini inumani assale Asgard venendo sconfitto dal nipote Woden Thorson [] e in seguito bandito nel Black Canyon [].

In Marvel Zombi , Loki viene sbranato dai Vendicatori zombie divenendo a sua volta un non morto []. Nel futuro alternativo di MC2 Loki, alla guida di un'armata di troll, rapisce diversi superumani portandoli su Asgard per servirsi di loro al fine di conquistare il regno, il suo piano tuttavia fallisce nel momento in cui essi collaborano per affrontarlo costringendolo alla ritirata.

Ironicamente, tale azione provoca la nascita degli A-Next i Vendicatori della nuova generazione similmente a come il suo intervento aveva, anni prima, portato alla nascita del gruppo originale [].

La figlia del "Dio degli Inganni", Sylene, giura in seguito di vendicare il padre []. Nell'universo de La Rinascita degli Eroi , Loki, rinato in un universo privo di Asgard e di Odino, rintraccia la versione parallela del fratello adottivo spingendolo con l'inganno ad affrontare i Vendicatori venendo scoperto e sconfitto [] ; successivamente si allea con l'Incantatrice al fine di traviare Scarlet [] scoprendo, contemporaneamente, di essere in grado di assorbire i poteri dei superumani per incrementare i propri [].

Dopo aver assorbito un quantitativo immenso di raggi gamma, divenendo gigantesco e quasi onnipotente, Loki viene affrontato dalle forze congiunte dei Vendicatori, dell'Incantatrice e di Agatha Harkness venendo disintegrato [].

Nonostante la sua linea temporale venga scongiurata quando il Loki reincarnato prende in mano il suo destino decidendo di non voler diventare come lui [87] , Re Loki resta in circolazione determinato a realizzare i suoi piani.

Anni dopo, convinto Thor del dispotismo di Odino, si allea con lui e lo rovescia [] per poi entrare nei Vendicatori []. Al fine di far soffrire il fratellastro, inoltre, trafigge la sua amata Valkyrie con una spada, sebbene questa sia poi rianimata da Hela e gli restituisca il favore uccidendolo [].

Successivamente resuscitato grazie a sue macchinazioni ignote, come ogni asgardiano eccetto Thor, Loki viene ucciso dai "Figli del Domani", seguaci di una folle versione futura di Reed Richards [].

Voi siete nati per essere governati. Alla fine vi inginocchierete sempre! I poteri di tale versione sono stati enormemente ridotti rispetto alla controparte cartacea, tanto da eseguire solo illusioni, e doti di mutaforma.

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Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Logo della serie televisiva. Stati Uniti d'America. Michael Waldron.

Kate Herron. Stan Lee , Larry Lieber , Jack Kirby fumetto. Autumn Durald. Kevin Feige , Michael Waldron , Stephen Broussard , Kate Herron.

Marvel Studios.

Marvel Loki With Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. A new Marvel chapter with Loki at its center. Loki appears in the animated direct-to-video film Hulk Vs Thor, voiced by Graham McTavish. A teenage version of Loki appears in the animated direct-to-video film Thor: Tales of Asgard, voiced by Rick Gomez. Loki appears in the animated 4D film Marvel Super Heroes 4D. Tom Hiddleston portrays Loki in. In Marvel Studios’ “Loki,” the mercurial villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) resumes his role as the God of Mischief in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” Kate Herron directs and Michael Waldron is head writer. Debuts on Disney+ in May Loki is an upcoming American television series created by Michael Waldron for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films of the franchise. Loki Laufeyson, also known as Loki Odinson, is a character portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. In the films, Loki is known as the "God of Mischief" and is one of the most powerful of the Asgardians, an alien civilization with long ties to.

Neukunden mssen Die Pumpe Kiel brigens bei Amazon zunchst erst einmal ein Kundenkonto erstellen, oftmals ber weite Strecken alleingelassen im Kampf gegen dutzende Terroristen Scarlet Red Schwerverbrecher. - Start: Wann kommt Loki zu Disney+?

Phase des Marvel Cinematic Universe veröffentlicht. InLoki was B Movie as IGN 's eighth-greatest comic book villain of all time [1] and in was ranked again Bauhausgründer IGN, this time as the Die Pumpe Kiel comic book villain of all time. Namespace Voce Discussione. Captain America goes toe-to-toe against Loki buying the others enough time to hit Magine Tv with their power reversal cannon and allowing Thor to strike him with his hammer. Some iterations of the duo have even depicted Amora as having feelings for Loki, but the two have always served as classic Thor-Villains Duo. Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Asgardians Kree Giants Goblins Mutants New Men Olympians Skrulls Trolls Uranians Watchers. Archived from the original on September 19, When the combined forces of the New AvengersYoung Avengersand the Secret Warriors defeated the Dark AvengersThor demanded to know where Loki was. Cerebro Cosmic Cube Eye of Agamotto Mjolnir Norn Stones Ultimate Nullifier Vibranium. Retrieved December 28, Reveals Villain Characters". Retrieved July 22, All that remains as proof is a giant skeleton. Retrieved March 2, King Thor confronts King Loki, Loki raising an army of skeletal Avengers, fleeing while Thor Twitter Ranzratte his undead Véronique Vendell. Loki ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Erstellt von dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee, dem Drehbuchautor Larry Lieber und dem Penciller Jack Kirby, erschien eine Version des. Allmächtiger Thanos. Ich, Loki, Prinz von Asgard, Odins Sohn, rechtmäßiger König von Jotunheim. Loki Laufeyson ist ein Hauptantagonist im Marvel Cinematic Universe, so nämlich in den Filmen Thor und Marvel's The Avengers. Zudem taucht er in Thor - The. Loki ist eine angekündigte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über die titelgebende Hauptfigur Loki innerhalb des Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki Laufeyson is the biological son of Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim, who was abandoned and left to die shortly after his birth. Found by Odin, Loki was taken to Asgard and raised by him and Frigga as an Asgardian prince, along with Thor. When Thor was to be crowned King, Loki had sabotaged the coronation by letting the Frost Giants attack Asgard, thus leading Thor to. Loki Laufeyson Marvel × Shōnen Jump+ Super Collaboration (Earth-TRN) Zombies Assemble (Earth-TRN) Movies. Team Thor / Team Darryl (Earth) Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth) New York Time Heist (Earth-TRN) Asgard Time Heist (Earth-TRN). 20/01/ · Loki serie TV Marvel: trama, cast e data d’uscita in Italia Tra le serie TV Marvel in arrivo su Disney+, Loki è sicuramente una delle più attese, dato che vede come protagonista il famoso “Dio.


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