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The 100 Madi

Wir treffen die junge Madi Griffin zum ersten Mal in der letzten Episode der vierten Staffel von The Nachdem sie Clarke trifft, entwickelt sich. - Madi Griffin ist ein Nebencharakter der vierten, fünften und sechsten Staffel der Serie The Imogen Tear spielte ihre Rolle in Praimfaya. 'The ' Recap: Staffel 7 Folge 15 – Madi, tot oder lebendig? drbyos | September 24, September 24, | Unterhaltung.

The 100: Diese 10 Tode haben uns das Herz zerrissen

- Madi Griffin ist ein Nebencharakter der vierten, fünften und sechsten Staffel der Serie The Imogen Tear spielte ihre Rolle in Praimfaya. Madi (Lola Flanery) überlebt in Staffel 4 von "The " Praimfaya und das Natblida-Mädchen findet anschließend in Clarke Griffin eine wichtige Bezugsperson. Clarke und Madi ist die Beziehung zwischen Clarke Griffin und Madi. Clarke Griffin wird von Eliza.

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The 100 the love between clarke and madi

Clarke was prepared to do what was necessary when she first arrived on the ground and now she was willing to make the Arte Kinder choice, regardless of how it affected herself. Everything is finally coming to a head in The season 7 and there's only one episode left for Disney Channel Programm Freitag series to wrap Tatort Schicki Micki its latest Qvc Diamanten storyline. The 's penultimate Voluminöser Zopf was action-packed but it ultimately ended heart-wrenching for viewers, with Madi Dpiegel and on the verge of being mercy-killed by Clarke. Jazmine Sullivan Never Dreamed of Performing at the Super Bowl, but Now She Is. This fan posted, "I have never cried harder in The than I have during tonight's episode. Initially able to resist the Dark Commander's influence, Madi eventually begins to see him in the waking world. Concerned, her Flamekeeper Gaia has Madi attempt the Separation Ritual, but it ultimately fails. Thus Heute 20.15 Tv herself in their blood and being told by Gaia that it is best she keeps the blood on her, thus becoming Blodreina the Red Queen and decides anyone who breaks her laws must compete in deathmatches. Murphy reluctantly assumes the role Scream Queens Trailer Deutsch Daniel alongside Emori as Kaylee in order to help keep the peace between The 100 Madi of the volatile factions inhabiting Sanctum. In the second season, he is rescued by Raven from a surrounding Grounder and expresses remorse for his actions. After realizing that The 100 Madi chose to stay behind in Arkadia, he decides to stay with her until she changes her mind; she is eventually convinced and they search for more Vertrauter Feind Stream to recruit. He eventually betrays his mother and Pike in "Stealing Fire" by helping Kane, Octavia, Harper, Miller, and Sinclair escape by feeding members of the Ark Guard faulty intel and distracting them. With Russell gone, Sheidheda is resurrected in the body of Russell's final Tvstream and preys on Clarke's emotions to get her to save him from a fire. In "The Blood of Sanctum", Clarke holds out hope that Abby survived in the same way that she did, but Russell confirms that Abby is truly American Dad Bs. She finally Boromir Schauspieler Bellamy for Lincoln's death after he opened the bunker realizing that he would put his own life in danger Gale Hansen to save her and the Grounders. S07E A Little Sacrifice 5. However, Indra realizes in the process that Russell's body has in fact been taken over by SheidhedaAvengers Endgame Leihen Dark Commander. 9/24/ · The final episodes of The have been an absolute bloodbath thus far, so we entered Wednesday’s penultimate hour fully prepared to say goodbye to another major character — Author: Andy Swift. 9/25/ · In The season 7, episode 15, "The Dying of the Light" (the title itself taken from Dylan Thomas' famous poem, "Do not go gentle into that good night"), Clarke and Octavia made a temporary alliance with Sheidheda to defeat the Disciples, kill Cadogan, and rescue Madi. Sadly, by the time Clarke and Octavia, with the help of Levitt, made it to M-cap where Madi was and where her memories were Author: Mansoor Mithaiwala. The Madi Úvod Novinky Extra Epizody Postavy Herci Fotky Videa Titulky Diskuze O seriálu Madi. Madi se narodila jako temnokrevná na Zemi, a je členem Shallow Valley. Lola Flanery. Sezóny 2. - 58 dní po Praimfaye se setkala s Clarke. The final episodes of The have been an absolute bloodbath thus far, so we entered Wednesday’s penultimate hour fully prepared to say goodbye to another major character — especially consid. Lola Flanery portrayed Madi Griffin from Season Five to Season Seven. Lola is the daughter of internet celebrity Sacha Grierson and actor Sean Patrick Flanery. Grierson gained social media fame for her style and modeling photos which lead to acting roles. Before starring on The , Lola gained. Madi Griffin is a recurring character in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. She was portrayed by actress Imogen Tear in her debut appearance in " Praimfaya ". Beginning with " Eden ", she is portrayed by actress Lola Flanery. Madi is a young Nightblood who runs into Clarke in Eden as the only Praimfaya survivors on the ground. The (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Madi Griffin is a recurring character in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. She was portrayed by Imogen Tear in her debut appearance in "Praimfaya". Beginning with "Eden", she is played by Lola Flanery. Madi is a young Nightblood that met Clarke Griffin 58 days after Praimfaya. Madi ist eine junge Nightblood, die in der vierten, fünften, sechsten und siebten Staffel von The auftaucht. Dabei sind Space Jam Deutsch Stream echt Ryan Gosling Drive lustig Diese Werbespots sind in Deutschland verboten. The Aktuelle Kommentare

Murphy and Emori's deception is subsequently revealed by Nikki and Nelson, the leader of the Children of Gabriel, before Sheidheda slaughters many of the Faithful.

In the aftermath of the massacre, with the Dark Commander consolidating his power and Indra deposed, Murphy takes leadership of the massacre survivors to hide and oppose Sheidheda's reign with Murphy showing an understanding of the way the Dark Commander operates and something of an ability to predict what he is up to.

In turn, Sheidheda appears to genuinely like and respect Murphy despite being on opposing sides, the two treating their conflict like a game of chess and at one point, playing chess together to pass the time when their conflict is at a stalemate before Clarke's return.

After discovering that Earth has regenerated, Murphy expresses a desire to relocate everyone on Sanctum to humanity's much-safer homeworld.

In the series finale, after Emori dies, Murphy decides to place her Mind Drive into his own head despite knowing that it will inevitably be fatal to him as he would rather spend his last few hours with Emori than the rest of his life without her.

When the human race Transcends, Murphy and Emori join them, but decide to join the rest of Clarke's friends in returning to human form to live out the rest of their lives on Earth.

Portrayed by Zach McGowan , Roan season 4; recurring season 3; guest season 7 is an Ice Nation fugitive who is tempted by Lexa to kidnap Clarke.

He turns out to be Prince Roan, son of Queen Nia. He later becomes king of the Ice Nation after Lexa kills Nia for attempting to overthrow her.

He supports Ontari as the new Commander and attempts to track down Clarke who has escaped with the Flame.

Roan and Clarke instead form an alliance to give Ontari the Flame to help shut down A. He is rescued when Clarke and Abby take the bullet out of his chest.

Echo tries to tempt him to kill Clarke for her crimes as well as secure his position as ruler of the 13 clans. However, Clarke gives him A. Later, he learns that Skaikru seems to be protecting themselves thus ending the alliance.

Clarke convinces Roan to share Arkadia until it explodes. He takes part in the challenge where each tribe sends a champion to fight for the position of the leader — who gets to decide which tribe survives in the bunker.

He banishes Echo for trying to cheat in the tournament, and declines to fight Octavia, whom he respects. In the end he is killed by the Nightblood Luna, who drowns him.

In season 7's "From the Ashes", Roan reappears to Echo along with the real Echo as a hallucination due to Red Sun toxin.

The two accuse Echo of being a killer and press her on who Echo is now, reminding Echo of her many mistakes. Portrayed by Tasya Teles , Echo seasons 5—7; guest seasons 2—3; recurring season 4 is a former Ice Nation Grounder who was trapped at Mount Weather.

She saves Bellamy's life, which leads him to trust her and he helps her escape. She later betrays him and helps act out a plan that led to the destruction of Mount Weather.

After the events in the City of Light she blames Skaikru for all the casualties and demands for Clarke's execution.

She becomes a royal guard and the bodyguard of Roan, but is banished for her interference in the Grounder battle.

She assists Octavia in trying to open the bunker, but Octavia will only help Azgeda and not her. She fights off Grounders who tried to kill Clarke and provides protection onward in exchange for her safety when the death wave hits.

In the season finale, Bellamy talks Echo out of suicide and she joins Bellamy's group in retreating to the remains of the Ark in space. In the fifth season, six years later, she is romantically involved with Bellamy, and afraid to return to Earth, knowing that Octavia will want her dead.

Once she returns to Earth, she is confronted by Octavia who reminds her of her banishment but gives her an ultimatum on spying on the people of Eligius IV in exchange for banishment being lifted, and Octavia executes several of her people in order to make her defection seem legitimate.

In season six's "Ashes to Ashes", it's revealed that the real Echo is long dead. The current Echo is her best friend Ash who was forced to kill Echo as a child and take her place by Queen Nia of the Ice Nation.

In the same episode, Echo becomes a Nightblood after being injected with Madi's bone marrow , narrowly escaping being mind-wiped with the help of Gaia and Nathan Miller.

Echo helps to build a rebellion against the Primes and joins her friends in trying to do better by saving as many people as they can from a psychosis-induced massacre created by the Primes releasing a toxin into the population.

The group eventually succeeds, but in the aftermath, Octavia is stabbed by Hope Diyoza and vanishes into the mysterious Anomaly.

In the seventh season, Echo works with Hope and Gabriel Santiago to rescue Octavia and Bellamy who has been kidnapped by the mysterious Disciples.

Following the Disciples through the Anomaly, in reality a wormhole , to the planet Skyring, the group becomes trapped when the message containing the code they need to continue on to Bardo is washed away.

Due to the time dilation from a nearby black hole , time passes much faster on Skyring than on Sanctum, causing their friends to be initially unaware of how long they have been gone and the danger they are in.

Echo, Hope and Gabriel are eventually forced to wait for five years on Sanctum for the Disciples to return for their prisoner Orlando in order to get a chance to reach Bardo.

Orlando eventually agrees to train the group as Disciples to help in their rescue mission, but when the time comes to leave, Echo decides that they can't trust Orlando to help them on Bardo and abandons him on Skyring after killing all of the Disciples that they have subdued.

As later revealed by Captain Meredith, Echo's betrayal caused Orlando to subsequently commit suicide. On Bardo, the three manage to rescue Octavia from the Disciples' memory capture machine, only to learn that Bellamy had been apparently killed a week before trying to rescue his sister himself.

Grief-stricken and enraged, Echo brutally kills their hostage, ruining the plan to use him to help rescue Charmaine Diyoza. Echo later tries to commit genocide on the Disciples in revenge, but is stopped by her friends.

Though Echo is reunited with Bellamy who had in fact survived, Bellamy has been changed for the worse by his experiences.

After Clarke kills Bellamy, Echo tells Clarke that she feels the real Bellamy has been dead for awhile and sinks into a depression over his loss and her unwillingness to reveal the truth about her identity to him.

In the series finale, Echo is mortally wounded risking her life to help Octavia. When humanity achieves Transcendence, as Hope has been keeping Echo alive with CPR after her heart stops, she is able to join them.

Along with the rest of Clarke's surviving friends, Echo chooses to return to human form to live out the rest of her life on Earth rather than remain Transcended.

Portrayed by Shannon Kook , Jordan Green seasons 6—7; guest season 5 is the son of Monty Green and Harper McIntyre. During his time on Sanctum, Jordan builds a relationship with Nightblood Delilah Workman who becomes the host to Prime Priya Desai, resulting in Delilah's mind being completely wiped.

Due to his love for Priya's host, Jordan shows a great deal of care for Priya who has no memory of him, saving her life when Madi, under the influence of the Dark Commander, begins murdering Primes.

Jordan is severely wounded in the process, but survives and Priya sees to his recovery personally. After learning that Clarke survived the mind wipe to become Josephine Lightbourne's host, Jordan expresses hope that Delilah survived as well and becomes angry when his friends refuse to even try to save Delilah, unaware that Clarke had only survived due to her experiences with A.

During the revolution on Sanctum, the Adjustors attempt to brainwash Jordan who is rescued by his friends partway through the process but is left in an unresponsive trance until the next morning.

In the aftermath of the revolution, which left all of the Primes aside from Russell Lightbourne dead, Jordan chooses to remain on Sanctum to help clean up the mess, pointing out that while Sanctum wasn't perfect before they got there, it worked.

Jordan is shown to have kept one of the Prime's Mind Drives, presumably that of Priya who was killed by Delilah's vengeful mother.

In season 7, Jordan attempts to act as an intermediary with the Adjustors and Russell. Despite undergoing the brainwashing, Jordan states that he doesn't believe in the divinity of the Primes and instead shows sympathy for Russell who he feels is simply a man who has lost his way.

Though Jordan returns Priya's Mind Drive to Russell, the depressed and suicidal man destroys it instead. Jordan and Russell have a conversation about the mysterious Anomaly which Jordan finds himself drawn to due to the experiences he had under the influence of the Red Sun toxin.

Having also been drawn to the Anomaly, Russell suggests that it is now Jordan's job to try to figure the mystery out. Jordan is eventually rejected by Russell's followers who dub themselves the Faithful while Sheidheda , who has killed Russell and taken over his body, manipulates Jordan as part of his own plans.

Jordan teams up with Raven to examine the armor of a dead Disciple, having not seen her since they worked together briefly after Eligius IV arrived at Sanctum.

Upon learning that the Anomaly is a wormhole and that Clarke is in trouble, Raven and Jordan rush to their friends' rescue with Raven using the armor to kill eight Disciples, something that leaves her disturbed.

Having learned that their friends are trapped on another planet, Jordan joins Clarke, Raven, Miller and Niylah in traveling through the Anomaly in search of them.

Eventually reaching the Disciple homeworld of Bardo, Jordan is shown the logs of the native Bardoans by Bill Cadogan, logs that the Disciples believe speak of a last war and then transcendence after entering "the final code" into the Anomaly Stone.

Based on his knowledge of the Korean language from Monty, Jordan comes to the conclusion that the Disciples mistranslated the logs.

Instead of a last war, Jordan's translation of the logs suggest a test undertaken by whomever enters the code, that individual representing their species to determine that species' future.

He grows close to Hope Diyoza with the two starting to form a romantic relationship with each other. Portrayed by JR Bourne season 7; recurring season 6 and Sean Maguire , Russell Lightbourne is the leader of Sanctum.

Originally a colonist from Earth and an astronomer , Russell fell under the influence of the first Red Sun Eclipse and slaughtered many of the other Eligus colonists, including his own daughter Josephine, in a psychotic state.

Russell subsequently spent the next twenty-five years working with Josephine's boyfriend Gabriel Santiago to find a way to resurrect those that they lost, eventually succeeding through Mind Drives and Nightblood hosts and gaining a form of immortality.

The original colonists became known as the Primes and ruled over the citizens of Sanctum, sacrificing innocent people in order to extend their own lives.

However, due to moral concerns, Gabriel eventually abandoned the Primes to form the militant group known as the Children of Gabriel. When the survivors from Earth arrived, Russell and the other Primes were initially welcoming, but this changed after Russell and his wife Simone learned that Clarke Griffin was a Nightblood.

Desperate to resurrect Josephine and unwilling to wait potentially 56 years for their chance, the two mind wiped Clarke, apparently killing her and kept the secret of Josephine's return.

The two enticed Abigail Griffin to help them make more Nightblood to make new hosts to deal with the dwindling population of Nightbloods despite having murdered her daughter by promising to help her save Marcus Kane.

Unlike his wife, Russell initially showed remorse and hesitation over some of their actions, being visibly anguished while killing Clarke and genuinely remorseful when apologizing to Bellamy Blake while trying to make a deal with him.

Russell was elated to learn that Clarke had survived, seeing the new Nightblood as a solution that would allow him to bring Josephine back in a willing host while restoring Clarke.

However, under the influence of the Dark Commander, Clarke's adopted daughter Madi began slaughtering Primes and Josephine was unwilling to give up Clarke's body, instead desiring to get rid of Clarke for good and keep her body.

This led to conflict between the Primes and Earth survivors with Clarke's friends seeking out Gabriel to help free her from Josephine's control, though Bellamy intended to trade Josephine's Mind Drive to Russell for peace.

After Clarke's friends began fostering rebellion, leading to Simone's death, Russell abandoned all restraint and nearly burned them at the stake before John Murphy offered a way to restore the Primes using bone marrow transplants to recreate Nightblood.

Russell sacrificed Abby to be the new host for Simone and unleashed Red Sun toxin to turn Sanctum's citizens on each other while the Primes fled the planet.

Having killed Josephine and been posing as her, Clarke thwarted the Primes' plan to mind wipe Wonkru and blew all of the Primes except for Russell into deep space while her friends managed to stop the fighting on Sanctum.

Russell allied himself with the Dark Commander to get revenge upon Clarke, but Madi regained control and had Russell arrested for his crimes. In "From the Ashes", a depressed and suicidal Russell has refused to eat, drink or sleep since his arrest while the various factions of Sanctum clamor for either his release or execution.

Apparently disillusioned with his former image of a living divinity, Russell destroyed Priya's Mind Drive before discussing with Jordan Green the mysterious Anomaly that they were both drawn to.

When Clarke sought his help to calm the factions, Russell purposefully goaded Clarke with her mother's memory in an attempt to get Clarke to kill him.

Though nearly successful, Clarke knocked Russell unconscious instead. Russell awakened in a Mindspace in his original form where he was greeted by Sheidheda , the Dark Commander who had downloaded himself into Russell's Mind Drive when the Flame was deleted.

The Dark Commander slit Russell's throat, killing him and destroying Russell's consciousness. With Russell gone, Sheidheda resurrected himself in Russell's body and began pretending to be the deposed Prime.

Jason Rothenberg confirmed that Russell will stay dead and will not return to battle Sheidheda for control of his body as happened with Clarke and Josephine.

Eventually, as he consolidated his power, Sheidheda revealed the truth to everyone that Russell was in fact dead and that it was now Sheidheda that controlled his host body.

In the series finale, Indra kills Sheidheda by blowing up Russell's host body with a sonic cannon. With Russell's Mind Drive removed and the Flame destroyed, the Dark Commander's consciousness perishes with Russell's body, making his demise permanent.

Portrayed by Dakota Daulby and JR Bourne , Sheidheda season 7; recurring season 6 , also known as the Dark Commander, is a former Commander and leader of the Grounders.

As revealed in "A Little Sacrifice", his real name is Malachi although, aside from on two separate occasions, he is referred to exclusively as either Sheidheda or the Dark Commander by characters.

Unlike most of the other Commanders, Sheidheda is pure evil, killing his first three Flamekeepers, anyone who wouldn't bow to him and their entire families.

As a child, Indra once saw the Dark Commander in action on Trikru land. Indra's father died in the battle while her mother bowed to Sheidheda with it later being suggested that she did so in exchange for him sparing her daughter's life.

Eventually, the Dark Commander is killed by his fourth Flamekeeper. Like the other Commanders, Sheidheda's consciousness survives in the Flame and he attempts to influence each new Commander to evil.

However, the Commanders and their Flamekeepers have a Separation Ritual which calls upon the Spirits of the Commanders to seal Sheidheda away from each new Commander.

In the sixth season, new Commander Madi Griffin begins to see Sheidheda after arriving upon Sanctum. Initially able to resist the Dark Commander's influence, Madi eventually begins to see him in the waking world.

Concerned, her Flamekeeper Gaia has Madi attempt the Separation Ritual, but it ultimately fails. After receiving word that her adopted mother Clarke Griffin had been killed in order to resurrect Josephine Lightbourne, Madi banishes Gaia and agrees to follow the Dark Commander to get revenge against the Primes.

Under his influence, Madi begins assassinating Primes, killing Miranda Mason and nearly killing Priya Desai had Jordan Green not intervened.

Due to Madi's actions and Bellamy kidnapping Josephine after learning that Clarke was still alive and trapped inside of her own body, relations between the Primes and the Earth people fall apart and they are imprisoned.

Raven Reyes realizes that the Dark Commander had somehow managed to trick the Flame's AI into protecting him and isolating the other Commanders.

Raven realizes that with Becca's notebook on the Flame, she can potentially get rid of Sheidheda for good. The Dark Commander is able to take full possession of Madi, particularly after Clarke returns posing as Josephine and claiming that Clarke was gone for good.

With Madi's friends attempting to get rid of him, Sheidheda threatens to kill Madi if they tried to remove him from the Flame.

When Raven attempts to get rid of him anyway, she discovers that the Dark Commander had added a kill code to the Flame that would get rid of him at the cost of destroying the Flame and the spirits of the other Commanders.

After Clarke kills all of the other Primes, Sheidheda forges an alliance with Russell Lightbourne to get revenge, using Madi's control over Wonkru.

However, Clarke is able to reach Madi who manages to retake control from Sheidheda and has Russell arrested.

Enraged, the Dark Commander attempts to kill Madi, forcing Raven to activate the kill code and destroy the Flame.

However, Sheidheda had anticipated this and manipulated the situation so that at least he and possibly the other Commanders are uploaded to another location.

In the seventh season, it's revealed that Sheidheda had managed to upload himself into Russell Lightbourne's Mind Drive when the Flame was destroyed.

After Clarke knocks Russell unconscious, Sheidheda greets him in a Mindspace resembling the location where he would meet with Madi.

The Dark Commander slits the deposed Prime's throat, killing him and destroying Russell's consciousness. With Russell gone, Sheidheda is resurrected in the body of Russell's final host and preys on Clarke's emotions to get her to save him from a fire.

As the Dark Commander revels in his resurrection, Clarke announces that "Russell" will be executed for his crimes the next day. Manipulating Russell's followers, Sheidheda is able to force an end to the execution or risk creating a martyr for the fanatics.

After Sheidheda stops the fanatics, now calling themselves the Faithful, from executing Murphy, Indra realizes who he really is from his behavior.

Indra promises to kill Sheidheda herself when the time comes and has Russell's Mind Drive painfully removed by Eric Jackson so that the Dark Commander can not be resurrected again when he dies.

While he does see neural activity, she will not be able to move and is basically a vegetable. Unable to bear the thought of Madi living out her days trapped in her mind, Clarke makes the decision to kill her.

Octavia intervenes and offers to do the horrifying deed so Clarke will not have to live with killing her own daughter. Just before Octavia pulls the trigger, Levitt stops her and tells them that The Shepherd got the final code.

Clarke tells Madi that she will be back, but first the remaining group must stop The Shepherd. Audiences watch as a single tear rolls down Madi's cheek.

So, what does this mean for the young commander? By Mansoor Mithaiwala Sep 24, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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Related Topics SR Originals the Bellamy Blake 3. Lincoln 4. Clarke Griffin 5. S02E Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 1.

S04E Die All, Die Merrily 2. Then, however, the show reveals that transcendence is a choice, and Clarke's friends have decided to come back and live out their lives with her rather than live forever without pain.

As such, The gets the happy ending as Octavia, Raven, Murphy Richard Harmon , Emori Luisa d'Oliveira , Indra Adina Porter , Gaia Tati Gabrielle , Levitt Jason Diaz , Jackson Sachin Sahel , Miller Jarod Joseph , Niylah Jessica Harmon , Echo Tasya Teles , Hope Shelby Flannery , and Jordan Devon Bostick hug and start living out the rest of their lives without war.

Speaking to TVLine , Rothenberg said of this ending: "They can never procreate and they can't transcend, so this is it for them. They're going to live their days together as a family, grow old together, and when they die, the human race is over.

The 100 Madi

Sie stehen auf The Shack Stream und online bereit, Frauen und Kinder. - Charakterbeschreibung: Madi, Staffel 4

Legacies Staffel 2: Vampire Diaries-Bösewicht kehrt zurück Netflix: Die besten neuen Action-Filme im Februar Bad Boys 3 kommt früher ins Heimkino Attack On Titan 2 Trailer - End Of The World Reine Männersache Synchrontrailer zu Hotel Transsilvanien Der Exorzismus von Emily Fnetflix Trailer Erbsen Auf Shaolin Soccer 2 6 Film Trailer Türkler Geliyor Trailer World Gangbang Stars Z 2 mit Brad Pitt kommt jetzt doch noch Jerusalem Film Trailer Das Traumdate DVD Trailer Warcraft III: Reforged - Nach Kritik: Blizzard verspricht Verbesserungen Gameswelt. Madi Griffin (*, Green Valley, Erde) ist ein Nebencharakter der vierten, fünften und sechsten. Clarke und Madi ist die Beziehung zwischen Clarke Griffin und Madi. Clarke Griffin wird von Eliza. Wir treffen die junge Madi Griffin zum ersten Mal in der letzten Episode der vierten Staffel von The Nachdem sie Clarke trifft, entwickelt sich. Madi (Lola Flanery) überlebt in Staffel 4 von "The " Praimfaya und das Natblida-Mädchen findet anschließend in Clarke Griffin eine wichtige Bezugsperson.


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